Products and Capabilities

Customised Infrared Solutions
Amethyst offers custom tailored III-V infrared detectors in SWIR, MWIR and LWIR regions of spectrum. We have a technical team of infrared technology experts in development of infrared detectors.

Following are specification sheets of some of our infrared detectors in the SWIR and MWIR bands:

eSWIR ABaTTM Detector (Cut-off: ~2.8μm)
MWIR ABaTTM Detector (Cut-off: ~3.5μm)
MWIR ABaTTM Detector (Cut-off: ~4.7μm)


 Device Manufacturing
Amethyst Research Limited are an Infrared Solutions House. We provide customised solutions to our customers. We employ an established UK supply chain to deliver products such as Linear Arrays and Single Element to fulfill our customer needs.

About Amethyst

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