Amethyst’s UK foundation

Amethyst Research is a high technology SME, based in Glasgow at the Kelvin campus, West of Scotland Science Park. We provide infrared imaging and detector solutions. Amethyst team members are world leaders in design of high performance IR detectors. Since 2013, Amethyst has been awarded five Centre for Defence Enterprise (CDE) programs funded by the MoD/ DSTL. These programs are related with Amethyst Research’s continuing effort to develop high performance infrared detector technology covering Shortwave, Midwave and Longwave bands of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our Team

Dr. Terry Golding, CEO, is the founder of Amethyst Research Ltd. He has over twenty years of experience in emergent sensor technology, including three years with the U.S. Army Night Vision Electronics Sensor Directorate (NVESD), and three years with NASA Center for Commercialization. Dr Golding is a high impact researcher, communicator, and innovative business strategist with specialized expertise in leveraging a strong investigative research background to simultaneously improve the performance and reduce the price of solid-state sensors for deployment to government and commercial sectors. Dr. Golding received a Ph.D. in Physics from the Cambridge University and has over 100 publications to his credit.

Mr. John G. Clarke (FCA), CFO, is the co-founder of Amethyst Research Ltd. In the past he has been Managing Director of two successful companies, Naarden International and Belmay Ltd for 23 years, both employing 100 people. Belmay Ltd was a start up company, following the take over of Naarden International by Unlever, and grew into a successful business in its specialist field.  Both companies were in the business of creating and supplying flavour and fragrance compositions,included by manufacturers in a wide range of consumer products.

Contact Us
Amethyst welcomes partnerships with companies, academia and other research organisation who may be interested in our technology. Please contact us at:

Amethyst Research Limited
Block 6, Unit 8 Kelvin Campus,
West of Scotland Science Park
Glasgow, G20 0SP, Scotland (UK)

Tel: +44 (0)141-261-6047
Fax: +44 (0)-141-945-1591

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