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October 2015– Amethyst Research recently won a CDE themed competition: Persistent Surveillance From the Air to develop two-color high performance thermoelectrically cooled infrared imaging system.

Amethyst Competition Win Using the UK supply chain, Amethyst successfully developed, demonstrated and delivered high performance Infrared detectors in the 2-3 µm, extended short-wave infrared (eSWIR), band to the DSTL. These were essential for providing solutions for chemical sensors in this region of spectrum. The research and developmental work in this program was carried out in four months. The detectors developed in the program were later were packaged into Single Element Detectors (SED). Remarkable results obtained from this program resulted in extensive courage in media:

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Sensor Project Launched(2016)

UK Gov(2016) Amethyst Research Attending UKDSC Event with Minister Philip Dunne

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New technology to detect explosives


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UK Dstl seeks proposals for novel infrared technology development


UK Gov(2016) UK Creating Defence Innovation Cell

Selected Amethyst Publications

1.  “nBn dark current reduction by UV hydrogenation,” M. Jain, J.R. Pedrazzani, T.G. Golding, R. Cottier, O.W. Holland, R. Hellmer, G.W. Wicks, Infrared Physics & Techn., Vol 59, pp. 156-157, 2013 (Publication Link)

2. “Development of an ultrahigh-performance infrared detector platform for advanced spectroscopic sensing systems,” Manish Jain, Gary W. Wicks, Andrew R. J. Marshall, Adam Craig, Terry Golding, Khalid Hossain, Christopher R. Howle, and Kenneth J. McEwan, 9073-1, May 2014 (Publication Link)

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