Our primary goal is to provide cost-effective high performance infrared detector manufacturing solutions, with a single technology that covers all infrared spectral bands, using a proven UK supply chain and technical assets


We design custom infrared solutions for  a variety of different industries such as Recycling, medicine, security, military, gas sensing & firefighting.

We manufacture single element, focal plane & linear arrays, all of which can designed to customer specifications (wavelength, device size, sensitivity,  operating temperature, etc).

Amethyst Barrier Technology

ABaTTM architecture permits Dual Band Pairing within a single FPA.

Resonant Cavity Detector Photodiode

ARCE-PD has ultra-high selectivity and sensitivity, ideal for gas and chemical sensing.


We Welcome the opportunity to work with academia, companies & Organisations, in delivering New Innovative technologies.

Please contact  us to find out more about collaborations and innovation partnerships.

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Amethyst Research Ltd

Block 6, Unit 8 Kelvin Campus

West of Scotland Science Park

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Scotland (UK)

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